Valentine’s Day Numbers

February 12, 2019


Valentine’s day is one of the most important days of the year for many couples that see this date as an opportunity to do things outside of their routine.


From Australia to US, passing through Japan, France or China, most countries in the world celebrate this special day (granted, not all of them do it on the same day and not all of them have the same traditions of course). And although it is mainly a romantic celebration, there are people who like to celebrate friendship as well.


Spending with love

According to Statista, these were the categories where consumers spent most money last year on Valentine’s day:

·       Jewelry

·       An evening out

·       Flowers

·       Clothing

·       Candy


This tendency however is expected to change a little in 2019, since many young couples are looking for “experiences” (like short trips, spa treatments, etc.) rather than material things. Couples more mature are also looking for experiences, but more intimate ones (staying home, having a romantic dinner and order special take out meals).


Technology to the rescue

Statistics also revealed that 36.9% will use their smartphones to look for different gifts options and compare prices, while 44.7% plan to use their tablets to help them in their purchase decisions.


What people want

On their survey for Valentine’s day, asked people:

What would be your favorite Valentine’s Day gift?

·       Chocolate, candy or other food treat: 35%

·       Flowers: 21%

·       Jewelry: 16%

·       Electronics including wearables: 10%

·       Lingerie: 10%

·        Skincare, makeup, perfume/cologne: 9%


Wishing you had a very happy Valentine’s Day!