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Päivi Lehtonen

Head of Sales

Tampere, Finland


"Injeq markets and sells medical devices. Mr. Ortega’s background and expertise in the sales of medical solutions was a prerequisite for success in the sales work of Injeq devices. He quickly embraced the medical knowledge needed in sales work and building up the networks.

We agreed with Mr. Ortega to operate in Spanish and French speaking markets. His targets were to identify distribution candidates in Spain and to assist us to get the business running in France. In two months, he was able to move both projects forward and we have the basic materials and contacts ready to continue with Injeq team. Mr. Ortega introduced us new tools in marketing and prepared the basic sales materials in Spanish and French. Especially efficient new tools have been the concept of webinars, which he developed to Injeq marketing. Also, with his contacts in Asian markets, he made us possible to enter the market in Singapore.

Mr. Ortega adapted well and fast to Injeq sales team. He is a very experienced bright and qualified individual, and it has been a pleasure to work with him. During my acquaintance with Mr. Ortega, he has been efficient, professional, organized, and a fantastic consultant to support our sales work.

Mr. Ortega’s direct trip to Finland, shows his determination, his interest, and his dedication to introduce Finnish technology companies abroad. He has my highest recommendation for the consultation projects in sales and marketing."

John L. Rowe


Island Abbey Foods Ltd. (Honibe - Pure Honey Joy®)
Prince Edward Island, Canada


"Mr. Ortega has helped Honibe to develop a stronger knowledge of international markets where otherwise, due to cultural or language barriers, it would have been difficult to undertake. Mr. Ortega shows initiative to improve our international sales methods and is always looking for best possible exposure of our brand image in each new country market we explore. His capability to adapt to different business environments and cultures allows us to trust him to get the job done everywhere from local markets such as Quebec to overseas markets in Asian Countries."

Michael O’Grady - Donald DesRoches

Vice President - President

Holland College - Collège de l’Île


“Since April 2014 Holland College and Collège de l’Île have had a consultancy relationship with Rodolfo Ortega, recruitment has been a success, building big networks for the two colleges.  His private sector approach has allowed both institutions to exceed initial recruitments goals. Rodolfo has proven to be very committed to results with specific proposals for changing internal college processes, as well as significant travel and hours work. He has challenged our organizations to be more responsive and adapted to the needs of the markets. Rodolfo has attained results in South America, Mexico and Africa.”  

Ben Garvey

President & CEO


Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


“At FIVAMed, we’ve been very pleased to work with the excellent folks at Infinitus.  We look forward to continuing to grow our business in several International Markets with their assistance”.

 Garth Greenham

President & COO

Functional Technologies Corporation (Phyterra Yest Inc.)
Prince Edward Island, Canada


"Having worked with Rodolfo for the last few years I can say without doubt that he was focused and driven Sales Manager that continually exceeded expectations. He traveled extensively and brought in sales from diverse markets spanning from Europe to Asia. He performed very well with the team and all found it a joyful experience to work with him." February 14, 2012


Nazareth Derakdjian

Sao Paulo, Brazil


“I recommend Rodolfo, he is an excellent professional. Good projects executed with total success in Brazil. Prepared, educated, loyal and with great business vision. I hired Rodolfo as a Business Consultant in 2006. Great Results, Personable, Creative."


Doug Clark

Manager of Engineering Services

Phyterra Yeast
Prince Edward Island, Canada


"Rodolfo worked hard to ensure the success of all business units, using his sales expertise and contacts as well as his excellent communication skills. He brought in plenty of contacts and potential clients during my time working with him and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Rodolfo.” I worked with Rodolfo at Phyterra Yeast Inc."


 Shane Patelakis

VP Technical Services

Stirling Products Canada
Nova Scotia, Canada


"Rodolfo was an excellent addition to the team and provided much need international market development expertise combined with significant dedication and enthusiasm to get the job done and close the deals. He has enabled the company to develop and expand, negotiate and secure business/product sales into new international markets across North America, South America and in Europe. Professionalism and excellence. Mr. Ortega is a reliable, professional and honest person and would be a very valuable asset to any company". January 5, 2010.


Héctor Hakim Colunga


Grupo Kunat

"I know Rodolfo since 2003 and I have always appreciate his will to work, honestly and ideas to help Canadian IT companies in Mexico. I will be very pleased to continue putting my 15 years of experience in IT sector in Mexico to help Rodolfo."

Xavier Galobart

CEO & Owner

Balavia Barcelona, Spain


"In 2011 Mr. Ortega came to Spain offering us his ideas and efforts to target the wine makers community of Spain and Portugal. I want to recognize his tireless efforts, his commitment with customer but also with our Company in Spain. We are consultants of several Companies in biotechnology, and he did a great job for one of our Customers. Mr. Ortega efforts along with ours led to have sales and trials with the most prominent wine making companies in Portugal and Spain. I am keen to explain further Mr. Ortega’s work with me and my Customer if desired."


 Clive Stronach

Encripta LTDA
Santiago, Chile


"In 2009 I had the pleasure to work with Rodolfo A. Ortega, who helped to set and develop the market for hardware equipment for agricultural projects in Chile. I want to remark Rodolfo’s abilities to lead an idea an make it work as expected. I am sure that his technical knowledge and his ability to easy explain and adapt to clear goals will be a useful assistance to any company looking to develop new markets and systems."


David McNally


Sensor Wireless
Prince Edward Island, Canada


"As a small company developing innovative wireless sensing technologies for use in the agricultural and industrial produce and manufacturing sectors, Sensor Wireless urgently required the business expertise and multiple language skills necessary to advance our network or dealers and distributors to the global marketplace. With the addition of Mr. Ortega’s expertise we were able to quickly identify and sign new agreements within South America, Spain, France, and Mexico.I personally travelled and worked very closely with Rodolfo and witnessed first hand his tireless efforts and ability to position and close business in a professional and expedient manner, all the while ensuring that the strategic plan and interests of the business were put first while also protecting the interests of the customer from a support and communications prospective. I would recommend Rodolfo to any organization requiring these types of services and professional support."