Top Reasons to Export to Argentina

September 12, 2019

Argentina, located in South America, has an area of 2,780,400 km2, so it can be considered a large country. Argentina, with a population of 44,494,502 people, is in position 31 of the population table, composed of 196 countries and maintains a very low population density, 16 inhabitants per km2. Its capital is Buenos Aires and its currency is Argentine pesos. Argentina is the 25th economy by volume of GDP.


According to The World Bank, “Argentina, one of the largest economies in Latin America with vast natural resources in energy and agriculture, is a leading food producer with large-scale agricultural and livestock industries. The country also has significant opportunities in some manufacturing sub-sectors and innovative services in high-tech industries. In addition, Argentina has taken a very active role on the international stage as it assumed the presidency of the G20 in 2018, expressed intention to join the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and became an observer in the Pacific Alliance”.


These are some of the reasons that The International Trade Administration considers that should motivate potential exporters to take their products to Argentina:



Argentina is a resource-rich country with enormous potential for further development. It has the second largest shale gas reserves and fourth largest shale oil reserves in the world, as well as abundant solar and wind resources. U.S. know-how, technology and equipment are needed to develop sectors such as energy and agriculture.



The country is digitally capable, with high internet and smartphone dissemination.



Income distribution has a smaller gap than in most Latin American countries; Argentina has a relatively large middle class with a significant appetite for U.S. consumer products.



The current pro-business government under President Mauricio Macri is reforming the economy, attacking corruption, investing in infrastructure and reopening the country to global commerce; according to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Argentina received 11.5 billion dollars of foreign direct investment during 2017.


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