Is my company ready to start exporting?

May 3, 2019

If you are a business owner, you have probably heard about the many advantages that exporting could bring to your business. From the diversification of the target audience to which you are heading, greater profits, greater security by having an investment in different markets, up to the international positioning of your products.

But how can you tell if your company is ready to start exporting? These are some key points that can indicate that your company is ready to take the next step:



First of all, we would like to make it clear that contrary to what many might think, the size of your company is not really a determining factor, in fact, a large part of exports around the world are made by small and medium enterprises.



Does your company have a defined corporate identity and established procedures to approach new clients? Do you know how to reach your target audience in new markets? When introducing your product in a new territory you will have to think about the profile of your new consumers as well as their buying and consumption habits. Likewise, you will have to be able to give support and guidance to your potential partners and potential clients, to have commercial conversations with them (which often involves speaking other languages ​​to generate closer ties).



How much do you know about the potential that your product can have in other markets? Your product may be very new and offer real solutions to important problems, so your local sales are a success. But other markets may be looking for what you are offering, and you can only know from extensive research.



Can your product compete in price and quality with similar products already available in the new markets? This is extremely important because although for many consumers in different markets they would not mind paying more for a product, this must justify its price with its quality. To ensure the success of your product in new markets, it is vital that you provide a competitive advantage in these aspects.


Infinitus can help you throughout the entire export process.

From the diagnosis about the potential of your products or services in other markets (market research), the development of marketing material to publicize your product, the presentation of your products to potential partners and end customers, support in the required language , development of platforms for the sale of your products, creation and maintenance of social networks for lead generation and conversation with potential clients as well as positioning of your company, identification of new business opportunities, etc. Contact us to discuss your needs, objectives and the results you could expect from us! Do not forget that we have a free trial period, precisely so you can give you an accurate idea about the potential of your product or service in other parts of the world.