• Current population: 215 202 079 Is one of the most populated countries in the world with 25 inhabitants per Km2
  • Current male population (49.2%) 105 869
  • Current female population (50.8%) 109 332 317
  • Labour Force: in 2017 111,600,000
  • In 2017 the total value of imports (CIF) was US$150,749 million.
  • its main imports are petroleum oils (7.9%), spare parts and accessories for tractors and motorized vehicles (3.6%), integrated electronic circuits and microstructures (2.8%), The country's main trading partners are China, the United States, Japan, the Mercosur countries and the EU.
  • Is the fifth largest country in the world, with an area of ​​8.5 million square kilometers. With 23,102 kilometers of borders, neighbors of all the South American countries, except Chile and Ecuador.
  • The Brazilian economy is the largest economy in Latin America in terms of GDP and the second in the Americas , the sixth worldwide according to the IMF , the CIA The World Factbook
  • Brazil is experiencing spectacular growth over the last few years. It is a prominent member of emerging countries (BRIC) and the only one in Latin America.
  • Brazil, unlike other Latin American countries, had a small range of exportable products: coffee, rubber, sugar and cotton.
  • Is a great industrial power and has benefited enormously from its mineral wealth. The country is the world's second largest iron exporter and one of the world's leading producers of aluminum and coal.
  • The main buyers of products that Brazil exports were the United States, England, Germany and France. All of them accounted for around 80% of the country's exports.
  • Due to its huge population (more than 190 million inhabitants), the continuous decrease in poverty, the excessive increase of foreign investments and the rapid industrialization, has made Brazil become together with China , India , Russia and Mexico , as a destination for investments at the planetary level.