USA ‘hunting’ Mexican students

September 19, 2016


Country: Mexico
Industry: Educational Industry

Title: USA ‘hunting’ Mexican students

• President Barack Obama launched a program to attract more Latinos with technological formation.
• In 2012, 11,371 Mexican students chose Europe and North America to start or continue their professional preparation, according to Patlani Mexico.
• Patrick Leyshon, recruitment specialist, says the key to obtain financial support U.S. schools focuses on the average and language skills.
• Studying abroad, may not be more expensive than staying at home. An engineer at the Tecnológico de Monterrey has an estimated cost of 667.755 pesos (48,273 CAD), while the Seneca College of Canada reached 850,000 pesos (61,447 CAD); exemplified the agency Study Group.

Source: CNN Expansion


Language: Spanish

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