The influence of women on the Economy of Mexico

August 8, 2017

According to Forbes, women control about 65% of  purchase decision in goods and services at a global level.

A good example is Mexico, where 43.8% of active people in the economy of the country are women, according to The Mexican Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). Even though salaries of women on top positions are still lower than men’s, their spending patterns are not that different.
For example, Mexican women are the second largest consumer market of cosmetic products in Latin America, according to The Mexican Chamber of Cosmetic and Personal Care Industry (CANIPEC). 
The retail study that Merca2.0 elaborated (which investigated behavior in department stores in Mexico), showed that 50% of Mexican women spend from $56 to  $170 USD per visit, while 16.7% spend from $171 to $282 USD every time they visit this kind of stores.

Consumer habits
Nielsen’s Homescan study says that women in Mexico City spend 12 of every 100 pesos (0.65 of every 5.6 USD) in products of the categories Hygiene and Beauty, and even when women from high socioeconomic levels are the biggest consumers of this type of products (36.6% of the market), lower levels are not that far from them (34% from medium levels and 29% from low levels).
According to Nielsen, Mexican women (from 26 to 45 years old) prefer to spend their money in the 4 following categories:
· Shampoos 
· Deodorants 
· Intimate hygiene and protection products 
· Skin care products
*Chart made with data extracted from Merca2.0 Retail Study 2016


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