The importance of Social Media in the language of the market that you want to enter

September 7, 2017


We previously discussed how important is for a business to develop active Social Networks that can help connecting with its public. 


But, what happens when you are just about to introduce your product or service into another country (one that you don’t really know very well)?  


Target audiences in countries that you are interested in, may not be like the one(s) that you already have identified in your own territory. The traditions, common phrases and cultural backgrounds overall can vary significantly, so the messages you use in your own country could not be as effective for another audience. 


Yes, English is a worldwide spoken language, but many people around the world have just a basic level of understanding it, for example, according to an Education First’s 2015 study, in Latin America, only Argentina and Dominican Republic qualify as nations with a high level of English. 


Although it is a constant that in every country executives on top positions do have English language proficiency, but in general people could have problems understanding complex sentences (and even simple ones). 


Facebook and Twitter use automatic translation according to the language that users have set their accounts previously. But realistically speaking, those translations are very far from capturing the real essence of the messages that you want to transmit.  


In Infinitus we love to take care of that. 

An important part of our service is to develop your Social Networks in the native language of the country you are looking to enter. We make sure that the messages and values of your brand are understood by the audience of your interest, we understand the cultural background of the target market of your company.  

While an advertising agency would charge you a large sum for providing this service, we include it as a MUST have in our International Marketing Development Service to offer you a comprehensive and successful strategy. 



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