The importance of Social Media for Brands

July 24, 2017

Why should I have an account for my brand?

Nowadays, there's really no surprise in hearing that more and more brands are choosing Social Media Channels to interact with their audience... but why is that?

The reason is quite simple actually. Almost EVERYBODY has an account on at least one Social Network (whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Snapchat, Linkedin or any of the many Social Networks existing today). Social Media is THE place to be.

Just in Facebook there are 1.9 billion monthly active users. So the chances of your brand getting to the public are huge, and more so, many of these Social Networks offer the possibility of segment your audience so you can get to the specific public you want.

One of the great advantages of positioning a brand in these kind of platforms is that the users are the ones that decide if they want to hear from it (if they "like" a fanpage, or  "follow" an account, etc.) This is marketing done right!

If your audience is the one that chooses to hear from you, you're one step closer to success! You are not invading their space and time with ads that they might not be interested in, you're sharing information and data that they consider valuable enough to keep interacting with you.

Is Social Media a good idea for SMEs and Startups?

Of course! Social Networks can help you to:

• Boost your brand – To position your product or service in the minds of potential clients.

• Encourage dialogue – Knowing what to audience thinks and wants is vital for your success! Besides, when you stablish a dialogue with your consumers, they will realize that you really care about their opinions and interests.

Generation of awareness is invaluable for a brand, and Social Media can get thousands (and even millions) of users to hear about your brand!

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