Most trusted brands in Canada

April 18, 2019

In our previous article we talked about the most famous brands in the world and about the ones with highest value in the global market. This time we want to address specifically the brands that Canadian consumers trust the most.


What makes a brand trustworthy?


When consumers are considering making a purchase there is one decisive factor that will affect their choice, and that is whether they have trust in the fact that their purchase will bring them benefit. And yes, trust is hard to build for a brand. Trust could make a business, the lack of it could break a business.


Most trusted brands

  • 10 Tim Hortons: Canadian restaurant chain, famous for its coffee and doughnuts.
  • 9   Campbell’s: American producer of canned goods.
  • 8 Kraft: American food and beverage conglomerate.
  • 7 Samsung: South Korean electronics multinational conglomerate.
  • 6 Dollarama: Canadian retail chain (items on sale for $4 dollars or less).
  • 5 Kellogg’s: Cereal and convenience foods producer. It markets sub-brands such as orn Flakes and Pringles.
  • 4 Canadian Tire: Canadian retail company that sells automotive, hardware, spots and leisure products.
  • 3 Shoppers Drug Mart: Retail pharmacy chain based in Toronto.
  • 2 Heinz: American food processing company.
  • 1 Google: American multinational technology company.

How to build trust?

  • Reliable product - If your product justifies spending their money, consumers will start to relate your business with the concept of trust.
  • Honesty - Be honest with your clients about your strengths and weaknesses. If you recognize that your product is not that right for a certain target, and you are honest about it, consumers will appreciate it and when they think of your brand, they will think of transparency.
  • Accessibility - You must be available for your customers, they have to be able to interact with your brand (nowadays, a popular to do this is through Social Networks).
  • Reviews - Testimonials. How many times have you been about to make a purchase and decide that before risking anything, you should check what people are saying about that product? Reviews are a crucial factor to develop the trust of the consumers and they also could destroy it, so you have to be careful with the quality or your product.

When introducing your product to a new market it could be difficult to start building your customers trust.

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