Most popular brands around the world

April 18, 2019

When consumers think about products it often comes to their mind not only the image of the product itself, but also the brand that has turned the product into something they need. In marketing, this is called being “Top of Mind”. We are talking about brands that we could use in a sentence instead of the name of the actual product just because they are so engraved in our minds.


These are 10 of most popular brands around the world:

  • Knorr – Owned by Unilever, Knorr is a German company.
  • Dove – Also, owned by Unilever.
  • Nescafé - One of Nestlé’s most famous brands.
  • Pepsi – First American product manufactured, marketed and sold in the Soviet Union.
  • Lay’s - Part of the PepsiCo company.
  • Lifebuoy – Another brand owned by Unilever.
  • Maggi – Lifechanger for the diets of working families
  • Colgate – The best-selling toothpaste worldwide. Initially, it was sold in glass jars.
  • Coca-Cola – Invented by druggist John S. Pemberton in 1886. Arguibly the most beloved refreshment of the modern world.

BUT most popular doesn’t necessarily mean more value (except for Coca-Cola). These are the most valuable brands in the world:

  • - AT&T
  • - Toyota
  • - Disney
  • - Samsung
  • - Coca-Cola
  • - Amazon
  • - Facebook
  • - Microsoft
  • - Google
  • - Apple

As you can see, tech companies dominate the list, which it’s understandable taking into consideration that this is rapidly becoming a digital era. The retail sector has dropped several places in the rank, just 10 years ago Walmart occupied the number 1 position.


Aside from value, Ferrari was determined to have an unparalleled level of brand recognition, design, and innovation.