• Current population: 45 776 936
  • Current male population (49.4%) 22 612 580
  • Current female population (50.6%) 23 164 355
  • Labour force in 2017: 22.750.000
  • In 2017, Spain imported $332 milliards, which is the 14th largest importer in the world.
  • Its main imports are Crude Oil ($23.2 Thousands), Cars ($20.1 Thousands), Parts-Spare Parts ($ 15.9 Billion), Packaged Drugs ($9.5 Billion) and Oil Gas ($7.82 Billion).
  • The main origins of its imports are Germany ($43.5 Billion), France ($37.6 Billion), China ($ 28.6 Billion), Italy ($23.3 Billion) and the United States ($14.9 Billion).
  • Foreign trade represents almost half of the Spanish Gross Domestic Product. The main Spanish trading partners are Germany, France, Portugal and Italy.
  • The economy of Spain is the fifth by size in the European Union and the thirteenth in the world in nominal terms.
  • In relative terms or purchasing power parity, it is also among the largest in the world.
  • Spain has one of the most open and global economies in Europe. In addition, it maintains an advantageous economic position in Ibero-America and in North Africa.
  • In Spain there are 38,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), many of which export their products regularly to these regions.
  • Several Spanish companies, through multiple sectors, are among the largest European companies.
  • Spanish multinationals generate 10 percent of employment and value-added products.
  • According to the World Economic Forum's Global Competitive Report 2011/2012, Spain ranks 36 out of 142 countries in competitive performance.