• Current population 37 471
  • Current male population (48.7%) 18 266
  • Current female population (51.3%)19 205
  • Labour force in 2018: 52,000
  • Imports: Products of the milling industry; malt; starch; inulin; wheat gluten - Annual FOB USD $ 150,695
  • In the domain of exports, 20.68% of the products go in Germany, especially for the automobile industry, 18.5% in Italy, 11.66% in Spain and 7.11% in England. In 1990, the annual income of states amounted to 560 million dollars and expenses to 558 million dollars.
  • Main customers: In 2017 the European Union remains the first customer, both exports (60.8%) and imports 47.3%). Outside of Europe, the main supplier is China.
  • Surrounded by France and on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, it is a financial and tourist center.
  • It is among the ten countries with the highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per inhabitant and, one of the most outstanding characteristics of the principality, is that Monegasque residents do not pay taxes on income
  • According to the report "The New World Wealth" prepared by the real estate analysis and management company Knight Frank, 13,400 millionaires live in the country, equivalent to a little more than a third of the total population.
  • With a US $ 2.3 billion project, Monaco is expanding its territory to the Mediterranean.
  • 55% of the inhabitants of Monaco have been born in other countries, according to figures from the World Economic Forum.
  • The main occupations in Monaco are related to the tourism sector and services, such as restaurants and entertainment centers with 95.1%.