United States of America

  • Is the 3rd largest export economy in the world and the 7th most complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI).
  • is one of the most influential countries on Earth. Its nominal GDP , estimated at more than 17.2 billion dollars in March 2017 7 (17.2 trillion in the Anglo-Saxon measurement system) represents approximately a quarter of the world's nominal GDP
  • In 2017 the United States imported $ 2.16 Billion, which is the largest importer in the world.
  • The main export destinations of the United States are Mexico ($ 181 Billion), Canada ($ 149 Billions), China ($ 133 Billions), Japan ($ 66.9 Billions) and Germany ($ 61.6 Miles). of millions).
  • Is one of the largest and most consumer markets in the world. It has a little more than 313 million in habitants with a per capita consumption capacity of US $56084 figure for the year 2015
  • Its powerful currency, the US dollar, represents 60% of world reserves, while the euro represents 24%. It has the largest financial market and is a country that stands out for its influence on any decision of economic and political type internationally.
  • Currently, most of the economy is based on the service sector, but unlike most post-industrial countries , it continues to maintain an important and competitive industrial sector, specializing in high technology and cutting-edge sectors, representing 20% ​​of world manufacturing production.