• Current population: 50 072 951
  • Current male population (49.2%) 24 627 69
  • Current female population (50.8%) 25 445 253
  • Labour Force in 2017: 24.670.000
  • In 2017 The total value of imports (CIF) was US$46,050 million
  • The products that more imports are Cereals (from Argentina and Ecuador), Grass and oils (from Bolivia and Spain) fruits (from Chile, Canada and Spain), fish (from Peru and Vietnam), meats (from Argentina), cocoa (from USA), vegetables, Coffee and tea (from Uruguay and china), flour (from USA), and sugars (from Brazil and Bolivia)
  • It stands out in the international arena due to the important growth it has experienced in the last decade in the export of merchandise, and the attractiveness it offers to foreign investment.
  • Colombia participates in several international organizations and communities in search of cooperation and consolidation of actions for economic development.
  • Colombia is the 55th largest export economy in the world and the 53rd most complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI).
  • The main exports of Colombia are Crude Oil($ 11.1 milliards ), coal briquettes ($ 7.63 milliards ), coffee ($ 2.7 milliards ), petroleum refining ($ 2.06 milliards ) and Gold ($ 1.45 Billion )
  • Currently Colombia is the third among the most economies of Latin America (after Brazil and Mexico)
  • The country is very rich culturally, product of the mixture between traditions of indigenous natives, Spaniards, Africans and immigrants from Europe.
  • Its main commercial partners are: United States, China, Panama, Spain and Mexico.
  • Colombia is a member of several blocks of regional trade, recently joined the Pacific Alliance, in conjunction with Mexico, Peru and Chile.