• Current population: 36 222 629
  • Current male population (49.0%) 17 746 880
  • Current female population (51.0%) 18 475 749
  • Labour force in 2017: 12.000.000
  • In 2017 Morocco imported $ 37.4 milliards, making it the 55th largest importer in the world.
  • Its main imports are Petroleum Refining ($3.13 Billion), Cars ($1.81 Billion), Petroleum gas ($1.27 Billion), Spare Parts ($1.14 Billion) and Wheat ($744 Million).
  • The main sources of imports are Spain ($9 bn), France ($4.64 bn), China ($3.14 bn), Germany ($2.34 Billion) and Italy ($2.11 Billion).
  • Given Morocco's rich soil, the economy is dominated by the agricultural sector. This sector employs almost 37% of the labor force and the contribution to 12.38% of GDP.
  • The service sector accounts for slightly less than half of GDP and employs 43.5% of the labor force. It is headed by the real estate and tourism sector, which continues to be very dynamic (increase of 8.5% year-on-year in November 2018).
  • Morocco borders Algeria, Western Sahara, Mauritania and Spain by land and Portugal by sea.
  • Morocco exports 160 products with revealed comparative advantage (which means that its share in the world exports of these products is greater than what one would expect given the size of its economy and the size of the global market for these products).
  • Morocco is ranked 60th out of the 190 that make up the Doing Business ranking, which classifies countries according to the ease of doing business.
  • Its geographical location places it as a strategic place, which serves as a bridge between the African continent and Europe.