Let’s talk about Millenials

February 2, 2019

Although there’s discussion about the time frame that dertermines wheather a person is a Millenial or not, Nielsen includes in this category people that currently are 21-37 years old.


There’s a reason why this word has been heard so much during the past years (and yes, it has to do with Millenials being an incredible force of consumption nowadays). According to Deloitte, by 2025, Millienials will represent 75% of people working around the world. They are literally the future of consumption.


They became digital

Millenails grew up watching and living the transition of a more analogue world into a digital one. But at the moment, their habits are more leaned to the digital world. Millenials prefer the Internet to other conventional media (such as TV or radio), for example, 59% of them watch movies online and 46% watch TV shows also online (instead of watching them on TV). That’s why a lot of companies have chosen not to continue advertising their products on traditional media (specially if Millenials are their main target).


They love apps

In Latinamerica, a 78% of Millenials own a smarthphone, 37% own a tablet and 70% own a laptop*, They are the reason why apps are so popular right now. This reality has forced companies to channel their resoruces into developing apps that can meet the demands of this (highly selective) public.


And Social Media

They spend an average of 6 hours per week on Social Media. Their favorite Social Networks being Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. Companies have realized that investing in Social Media campaigns is crucial to get to those who belong to this population group.


They also like the concept of “Natural”

They are willing to pay more for a product if it is “Organic, Sustainable and Natural”. They research more about the products they want to purchase and they care if companies has ecofriendly processes to develop heir products.


Millenials are a group that practically no enterprise should discard.

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*According to Telefónica Global Millennial Survey 2014.