Increase the number of Mexicans who prefer to study abroad

December 21, 2016



Country: Mexico

Industry:  Education

Title: Increase in number of Mexicans who prefer to study abroad


  • In 2015, more than 2,300 young Mexicans traveled to study abroad; 62 percent were women and 38 percent were men.
  • Trends show that Canada remains the preferred country for studies
  • The most requested language to study is English, although German and French appear on the list as a second option.
  • Among the study programs, 57 percent chose to study languages and work; 19 percent went for camping, 7.0 percent traveled to finish their studies at the intermediate level, 11 percent to complete college and higher education, and 6 percent for alternative travel and volunteer programs.
  • Mexicans over 30 years, choose careers such as mechanical engineering, business, marketing, hotel, tourism and some others such as cinematography, television and radio.
  • In terms of masters, the most requested countries are Canada and the United Kingdom.

Source: Sipse Newspaper


Language: Spanish







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