How can Trade Shows help my business?

May 24, 2019

Business fairs are an important meeting point for business partners and industries that should be considered in the development of any commercial strategy. Participating in them can bring you closer to potential business partners as well as to end customers who attend the event and therefore give you the possibility to start positioning your brand.


What advantages can your company obtain when participating in this type of event?



As we mentioned previously, by participating you can get in direct contact with potential buyers or distributors interested in your product or service. You will have access to contacts from different companies in the sectors that interest you (whether you go as only an assistant or as an exhibitor).



In general, the companies that attend these events invest a good amount of money in exhibiting their latest products. So, by attending you will have the opportunity to be updated on the latest industry trends. Learning more about our competitors and comparing ourselves with them, is much easier in a space where leaders are usually represented, and each company presents the best of itself.



Likewise, you would also get the opportunity to exhibit your products so that other potential distributors can approach you to discuss business alliances.



Unlike other commercial strategies that involve selling the product to someone who is not really looking for it, the Trade Shows are attended by people who are interested in acquiring products or forging alliances with companies in the same sector. These people attend voluntarily and with a very specific interest, so sales are much simpler.


Interesting Facts about Trade shows (

  1. According to CEIR: Thе Sреnd Dесіѕіоn: Anаlуzіng Hоw Exhіbіtѕ Fіt Into the Ovеrаll Marketing, 81% of the people who attend trade ѕhоws have the power to buy.
  2. 64% of exhibitors surveyed said that the quality of attendees was the most important factor when choosing to exhibit at a trade show. Cost, trade show industry and geographical location were the next most important factors.
  3. 46% of attendees attend only one trade show per year. Many attendees pick and choose their shows, representing how trade shows often have a specialist audience.
  4. 71% of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) won business using face-to-face networking.

For smaller businesses that don't have huge advertising budgets, networking events such as trade shows are an effective means of generating new business.


We can help you

One of the services Infinitus offers is to participate in the most important Trade Shows of your industry in the new markets where you want to introduce your products or services! Contact us to get to know more about the different services that we can provide you.