How can I start exporting?

March 29, 2019

If you are thinking about taking your products or services abroad, you are probably wondering what steps you should follow, in what order, and what kind of resources you will need.

Like any other business, exporting requires preparation, effort, dedication, perseverance and learning.


How can I plan this?



One of the most important aspects in any export project is to choose your target market properly.

To do this, you must consider the opportunities and threats that this represents and in the same way adequate the resources available within the company to take advantage of such conditions.

For a product to be successful abroad, it is necessary to know the tastes and preferences of consumers in the new market.

To know about the international market, you need, among other things:

  • General information about the country to which you wish to export, the area and / or the specific market.
  • Information necessary to forecast the requirements of the product, anticipating the social, economic, industry and consumer trends of that market.
  • Specific market information required to carry out key decisions on the adaptation of your product, promotion, distribution and price.


This will be the instrument that defines the strategy of entry to foreign markets and the planning of the most recommendable form of operation depending on the characteristics of the exporting company, the export product and the target market.



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