Green Products demand

February 12, 2019

Environmental concerns are growing stronger as time passes by. The need of ecofriendly processes and products is a reality that people has become aware of.


According to findings of SurveyMonkey, 1 in 3 consumers preferred ecofriendly options in 2018 and 5% of the people they surveyed said their next vehicle will be a hybrid or electric one. And when they asked:

“How likely are you to buy a product that is better for the environment than another product that is slightly cheaper?”

35% of survey respondents said they would be entirely willing to spend more money on ecofriendly products (and 56% answered that they would be at least moderately willing).

This was in 2015. 4 years have passed, and this awareness has grown.

In China, the E-Commerce retailer JD, reported that the volume of ecofriendly goods sold grew in 71%.


By 2016, Nielsen found out that  66% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods.


What do consumers look in a Green product?

·       They want to be assured that they are buying a product with ZERO toxic substances. They look for more natural options.

·       They want packaging to be green as well (biodegradable or not plastic). They are after less waste.

·       They like the idea of the manufacturer being involved in fair trade practices (social responsability).


Who wants these products?


According to The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) an organism that ranks countries based on their “Going green” efforts, these were the countries that were ranked with the highest scores:

·       Switzerland

·       France

·       Denmark

·       Malta

·       Sweden


However, we found that the concern for a more environmentally friendly consumer behavior is actually global and what is more interesting, consumers  in  Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, India and China showed the highest levels of concern for the environment.


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