E-Commerce, should I consider it?

January 24, 2019

The Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce for short) has been one the most useful tools for a large amount of businesses to increase their sales for some time now, why is this?

First of all, what exactly is E-commerce? Well, basically is a website where people can either buy or sale products (or services).

Why is it so popular? There’s a number of reasons why this kind of platforms currently represent a large percentage of the sales of many companies (some companies in fact trust the entirety of their sales to their e-commerce). These are some of the advantages that consumers and e-commerce's owners have reported:



11 pm and you want to look up what you’re going to wear to that fancy work meeting? You don’t need to wait for the mall to open or drive all the way there. You just must go your favourite store’s website and purchase whatever you want with just some clicks.



The opinion of other happy customers will work wonders for your online reputation (and for your profits). One of the great advantages of e-commerce is that (if you choose it) consumers can access to real reviews that will help them make up their mind (so you’ll want to make sure to keep your customers satisfied).



There are several services that will allow you to get data about the behavior of the people that visit your online store. This analysis will tell how you can improve your site in order to optimize its performance.



With the appropriate strategies, your e-commerce could reach not only local potential customers. Think of a worldwide customer base.



You can use your e-commerce to offer valuable information to your potential customer. This information will help them realise that your product is the better choice out there.



Short answer is No.

An E-commerce should only be part of a larger and more comprehensive strategy, because there exist so many factors to considerate before to determinate whether to have an E-commerce channel. If you only launch an E-commerce site to start selling in other countries, chances are that your products won’t be as successful as you expect.

IINFINITUS KNOWS THIS. The creation of an E-commerce is only one of the services we offer to our clients, but first we make a meticulous research and we analyze all the possibilities to know if an E-commerce site is something your brand would benefit in a specific market (even though all the benefits sound great, not every type of product should be marketed this way).

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