Consumption Trends 2019

March 6, 2019

Consumer behavior doesn’t ever stay still, it is affected by the way the world moves, the world keeps changing the way it moves constantly, therefore, patterns of consumption transform from period to period.

However, it is possible to estimate how these changes will affect the way consumers behave.


What can we expect?

Automation. Life goes fast. The more time you can save the better.

Ericsson Consumer Lab’s study “Hot Consumer Trends” indicates that automation will play a crucial role from now on.

This study revealed that most people have a higher level of trust in a device or App than in other people (in terms of correct performance and accuracy).

People want their life to be easier (for example, 47% of respondents in that same study answered that they would like a virtual assistant to handle all their finances, including tax declarations).


Activism. Generation Z and Millennials are defying their entitled reputations. They show great concern for the future of the planet as a system that we are all part of and therefore should be taken care of. This will be reflected in their increasing demand for clean energies and green products.            

According to Forbes “Companies will have to consider the image their brand conveys to the world, and work to create cultures that match consumers’ changing values and world views”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Internet/TV. In 2019, research suggests that Tv and Internet will be viewed the same (or very similar) number of hours. This means companies will spend more money on Web and Social Media Ads.


We at Infinitus think that being one step ahead is crucial for the success of your business (specially if you are about to export your products).

We will help you to introduce your goods to other markets through a plan and strategies that take into consideration the current state of the consumers mindset.

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