Category: United Arab Emirates Economy

August 1, 2019

The United Arab Emirates is one of the world's top 20 largest exporters and importers of commodities. The current population of the United Arab Emirates is estimated to be around 9,692,529 (and 93.0 % of the population is urban).

Successful efforts at economic diversification have broadened the scope of opportunities across all sectors. Free trade zones, offering 100 per cent foreign ownership and zero taxes, are attracting foreign investors.


According to, the Strengths of the UAE market include:

  • Its strategic geographical location; Dubai is regarded as a regional hub and commercial capital for the Middle East, North Africa and beyond
  • Large expatriate population
  • A liberal trade regime which attracts capital from across the region

Some of the advantages to exporting to the UAE are:

  • Ease of registration
  • Few restrictions
  • Low taxes
  • Very open and pro-business environment



However, there as some risks and challenges to overcome if you want to export to the United Arab Emirates. Its vibrant and rich economy attracts the interest of food exporters worldwide, but the challenges that this market presents are not to be ignored.


Some very important cultural aspects govern the business environment, from personal contacts to advertising and legal requirements. Islam plays a central role in the region, and it takes some time to understand these traditions that govern almost all aspects of UAE’s existence.


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