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April 18, 2019

In our previous article we talked about the most famous brands in the world and about the ones with highest value in the global market. This time we want to address specifically the brands that Canadian consumers trust the most.


What makes a brand trustworthy?


When consumers are considering making a purchase there is one decisive factor that will affect their choice, and that is whether they have trust in the fact that their purchase will bring them benefit. And yes, trust is hard to build for a brand. Trust could make a business, the lack of it could break a business.


Most trusted brands

  • 10 Tim Hortons: Canadian restaurant chain, famous for its coffee and doughnuts.
  • 9   Campbell’s: American producer of canned goods.
  • 8 Kraft: American food and beverage conglomerate.
  • 7 Samsung: South Korean electronics multinational conglomerate.
  • 6 Dollarama: Canadian retail chain (items on sale for $4 dollars or less).
  • 5 Kellogg’s: Cereal and convenience foods producer. It markets sub-brands such as orn Flakes and Pringles.
  • 4 Canadian Tire: Canadian retail company that sells automotive, hardware, spots and leisure products.
  • 3 Shoppers Drug Mart: Retail pharmacy chain based in Toronto.
  • 2 Heinz: American food processing company.
  • 1 Google: American multinational technology company.

How to build trust?

  • Reliable product - If your product justifies spending their money, consumers will start to relate your business with the concept of trust.
  • Honesty - Be honest with your clients about your strengths and weaknesses. If you recognize that your product is not that right for a certain target, and you are honest about it, consumers will appreciate it and when they think of your brand, they will think of transparency.
  • Accessibility - You must be available for your customers, they have to be able to interact with your brand (nowadays, a popular to do this is through Social Networks).
  • Reviews - Testimonials. How many times have you been about to make a purchase and decide that before risking anything, you should check what people are saying about that product? Reviews are a crucial factor to develop the trust of the consumers and they also could destroy it, so you have to be careful with the quality or your product.

When introducing your product to a new market it could be difficult to start building your customers trust.

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April 4, 2019

According to the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, women participation in the economy of the country over the past decades has been increasing more and more. However, women are still less likely to own a business than men. Also, the are less likely to participate in international markets. Why is that?



This could be partly explained by the fact that female business owners tend to participate in industries that usually work on local markets.


Business Size

Businesses owned by women tend to be smaller than the ones owned by men (and they feel that because of their size, they wouldn’t be the right candidates to export.


But it is also a fact that women that own a business are more educated than their male counterparts (which would give them an edge if they would decide to export since it has been reported that SMESs whose owners have high levels of education are more likely to export).


This is important because (as stated by the Canadian Trade commissioner service) “SMEs contribute significantly to the strength of the Canadian economy, but exporting enterprises outperform non-exporters along a number of dimensions. Exporting firms are more productive, they have higher revenues, they invest more in research and development, and they have been shown to pay higher wages”


Cultural issues

A report published by the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation states that an important reason for this gap are “Prohibitive cultural and social norms ranging from gender division of housework to women’s business leadership skills”. Women who own businesses tend to be younger and less experienced when compared to male businesses owners.


By 2017, Canadian women were starting new businesses at a higher rate that women in any other G20 country.


Important facts about female businesses owners

According to The Balance, and their extract of the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Canada Report on Women's Entrepreneurship:

  • Nearly 85% of Canadian women surveyed indicated they were interested in starting a business.
  • Most are highly educated - the vast majority having college diplomas or university degrees.
  • 3% were involved in newer businesses and 10% in established businesses (those operating for more than 3.5 years). For men the figures were 20.3% and 7.1%, respectively.
  • Globally, Canadian women rank 1st in terms of involvement with newer businesses, ahead of the U.S., Britain, and other innovation-based economies, and 6th for established businesses.
  • The consumer services sector accounts for over half (54.4%) of early-stage female businesses, followed by business services at 28.2%.
  • Female business owners are on average less likely to engage in international trade than their male counterparts. For businesses that had 25% or more of their customer base outside the country, 31.7% were run by women and 37% by me”.

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