Business Cases

Product Type

Client Objective

Work Completed 


Software for Veterinary Industry

Find business opportunities in Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

Many veterinary clinics are interested in the Software pfatin America. We are building a big network.


Interested contacts and potential customers   

Patented honey product for bioscience and pharmaceutical purposes


Find business opportunities in Europe, Middle East and Latin America.


  • Sales achieved in Spain, UK, France.
  • Sales in Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain.


New markets have been assigned to Infinitus to continue the market development of the company.

Medical software for neonatal intensive care units


Set a distribution network in Europe, Latin America and Middle East.


  •  In Europe a distribution network has been set for France, UK, Spain and Italy.
  • In the Middle East Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia.


New markets have been assigned to Infinitus.
Canadian Colleges Recruitment of Mexican students to increase the number of foreign students.
  • Number of students triple in the second year of work.
  • New business opportunities were found by the college.


The college has extended a three-year contract to Infinitus to continue the project in Mexico.
Complex unique patented yeast strains for wine fermentation Open operations in South America and European Union.
  •  300 trials were sold in Portugal, Spain, France and Italy. 
  • Distribution network was setup.
  • The brand now is well known among the wine makers community in Europe.
As a result of the achievements obtained the customer decided to open a permanent office in Europe to give service after the trials
Nutraceutical powders of cranberry and blueberry from Atlantic Canada Identify opportunities in Asia 
  • The product was introduced in February 2011 and the customer started to receive sales almost immediately further to groundwork completed by Infinitus.
  • The product was also introduced in Taiwan and opportunities were found
The customer decided to work with the distributors established by Infinitus in Taiwan and Japan. 

Wireless sensors for impact detection 

Find new and faster ways to sell their sensors in Europe and Latin America 
  • A successful new strategy was implemented to sell the sensors in Chile
  • It was undertook a campaign to target large users of the sensors in Spain and Mexico.
  • It was discovered innovative strategies to sell client’s products in a faster way.
  • Negotiations started with major industrial producers in Spain and Mexico and agricultural in Chile.

Bioscience feed additive for animal industry

Set trials to prove the effectiveness of the product and establish an international distribution network mainly in Brazil, Mexico and Asia
  • Secured trials in Brazil, including those with a well-respected military unit that work with horses.
  • The largest poultry producer in Mexico began a large scale trial.
  • Sales were obtained in Mexico and Taiwan


All goals were achieved as expected

Software for the graphic industry

Establish a network of distributors in Latin America.
  • Sales were supported in US and established an exclusive distribution network in Brazil and Mexico.
  • Sales were achieved in Chile, Colombia and Argentina.
  • Distributors were secured in Venezuela.
The customer did not know the potential of the region and found good customers and long term business relationships