About Us

Infinitus expertise offers international business development to Small & Medium enterprises (SMEs) in different markets in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America region.

Main Business Advantages

Infinitus provides the following all in one service:

  • Reduce first business development costs up to 80%
  • Saving on expenses such as traveling, translation, costs related of having a full time employee.
  • Manage and expand companies’ social networks in Spanish.
  • Service in four languages (English, French, Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Translation of your Website main pages, PowerPoint presentations, Pamphlet and some other.
  • A trial period to provide a clear picture of the potential that your company has in the market to develop.
  • Customized business relationship to maximize and accelerate potential international businesses for our customers.
  • Provide a tailor-made solution that concentrates all the information in one place, in order to better understand regulatory, sales, business opportunities in new markets, etc.
  • 100% adaptable to your needs.

Results to expect

According to the needs of each customer, the following is the list of the results SMEs may receive from Infinitus:

  • Introduction of your products and services to distributors, business partners, final customers.
  • The basics information of regulatory procedures to enter the new markets.
  • Information about the costs for tax and duties to pay to enter the new markets.
  • Overview of how competitors are dealing in the developed markets.
  • Strategic advice of how to achieve results faster, redefine sales strategies, etc.
  • Support your actual leads in Spanish, French, English or Portuguese without extra cost, even those out of the scope of the main new markets to develop, for the duration of our agreement.
  • All the information collected in the tailor-made solution.
  • Sales may be achieved between 3-12months depending on your industry.


  • The lowest investment possible in the market, having savings up to 80% in average of initial costs to develop new markets
  • Zero risk for our customers

Industry experience:

  • Our experience covers areas such as: Consumer goods, Biotech, ICT, Education, Natural products, OTC products, Pharmaceutical products and food and beverages industries.

Markets experience:

  • Geographically our experience in 28 countries allows us to provide a service to our customers to expand their market in 3 Continents (America, Asia and Europe) which means more opportunities for them.


  • Provide top-quality services to our customers at the best affordable prices, working together as good faith business should be; transparent, open, flexible, sharing common goals and have the satisfaction to be part of their success in the global markets. Our priority is always to take care of our customers and our employees.
  • Support charitable causes and our community.

Infinitus founder:

Infinitus was founded by Rodolfo Ortega, who has more than 18 years of experience in international business development. He speaks 4 languages (Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.